Framing Member Specifications and Reference Standards:

1. Cold Formed Sheet Steel conforms to ASTM A446M, Grade A. Thicknesses of steel members specified or indicated is exclusive of galvanized coatings.

2. Galvanized Zinc Coatings conform to ASTM A525M with a minimum Z180 coating.

3. Structural Properties of steel are computed in accordance with CAN/CSA-S136-01. All steel meets the minimum requirements of this standard for design strengths of 33ksi for design thicknesses less than or equal to 0.0451” and 50 ksi for design thicknesses greater than or equal to 0.0566”.

4. Configuration and Cutouts are to be placed in accordance with CAN/CGSB-7.1-M86 for a minimum spacing of 24” O.C with center of cutouts a minimum of 12” from ends of studs. For design loads perforations are assumed to be located at mid span of member.

5. Section Geometries in accordance with design designations for lip lengths and bend radii as outlined in CSSBI-58-04, and follow universal designation system identifying depth, flange width, member, type, and material thickness

a. IE. 600S162-33 (Click here for designations explained)

6. Allowable heights and load design to be used in accordance with Local and National Building Codes. Section and Property tables as outlined in CSSBI-58-04 are to be used as an aid to the design professional.

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